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Secondary learn about the history of Bristol

Term 1 week 5 035  


This term, as part of learning about the history of Bristol, students from Cabot, Brunel and Albatross classes visited the Matthew and the MShed for a workshop.


Fun packed MShed workshop

During the workshop students learnt about the transatlantic slave trade, how Bristol benefitted from it and how and why it was eventually abolished. They also had the opportunity to touch artefacts and explore exhibits in the MShed.

Term 1 week 5 016

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Mshed 4


The Matthew

Before the students departed back to school the students had the chance to go aboard the Matthew, which is a replica of the ship sailed by John Cabot in 1497, when he sailed from Bristol to North America. The students were especially excited to see this ship as they have been learning all about John Cabot and his expeditions in class.

Mshed 6jpeg

Term 1 week 5 042


Once back at the Academy, Lewis was especially great at re-enacting the slave trade using objects found in the classroom - amazing!!

Term 1 week 5 043

Miss Melody


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