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Science Week

A week packed full of Science!



Monday 13th March to Friday 17th March

The main focus this year across British Science Week was to encourage students to think about and investigate the changes happening in the world all around us. This includes studying seasonal and climate changes, and also changes we can bring into our everyday life involving materials and energy. Throughout the Academy students looked at the changes they could enact into their life, and which would have a positive impact on the future of the world. 

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To kick start the week and get all the students excited about science the Academy decided to conduct an experiment during a whole-academy assembly. The students watched Mr Martin and Mr Bartlett perform a dramatic experiment called ‘Elephants Toothpaste’. This showed the students an example of chemical change and all the students loved watching the foam cascade over and down the test tube sides.

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Throughout the week each classroom carried out a variety of interactive experiments.

Img 4568   Img 4475

Orange Room had a surprise visitor from Percy, Mr Taylor's pet tortoise. The students were fascinated by him - watching him walk and feeling his thick shell. They wondered whether he would like to eat grapes? - Yes, he did!



Purple Room and Yellow Room enjoyed carrying out two different experiments called ‘Colourful Carnations’ and ‘Oobleck Slime’. The students in Purple Room found it interesting to make a weird slimy concoction that acts like a liquid but behaves like a solid when you hit it. The students loved the green gooey mess!

Img 4533


Green Room and Red Room especially enjoyed making their own chemical reaction with bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar. They collected their formed gas in a balloon and watched in anticipation as the balloon grew in size as the gas was collected. 

Img 4506

Img 4455


At the end of the week each classroom awarded a class 'Scientist of the Week'. This was an opportunity for teachers to highlight their classes budding scientist, who displayed potential and enthusiasm for the subject.

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"Science Week has been a great success, and an exciting journey of discovery for all the students. It has been a joy to walk around the classrooms and see all the students getting hands on and excited with science!" 

Mr Bartlett


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