Venturers’ Academy (VA) believes that high standards of dress are important to all students and staff as it helps to lay the foundations that are needed for life in the 21st Century. Smart dress instills confidence and pride, together with demonstrating respect for the values that we uphold and therefore prepares students for life in the workplace.

The Academy has a uniform policy which ensures that students are fully focused on learning as opposed to fashion or trends, but one that also recognises the many sensory issues that students across the Academy have. The policy also contributes to ensuring students’ safety both whilst in the Academy but also makes them clearly identifiable and distinct when on visits/trips or on their journey to and from the site.

The Academy uniform provides students with many positive advantages because uniform:

  • Makes them ambassadors for the Academy in the local community
  • Creates an atmosphere of teamwork
  • Encourages pride in personal appearance and of the Academy
  • Promotes safety, particularly through making it easier to identify strangers
  • Diminishes the social exclusion of students based on what they are wearing
  • Increases self-esteem and reduces peer pressure

If there are students who have additional or complex sensory needs this will be accommodated and dealt with empathetically. Please discuss any specific requirements with the class tutor or Heads of school.

Travelling to and from the Academy

All students are expected to appropriately wear the Academy uniform during their provision and when travelling to/from the Academy. Students are always representing the Academy and should be proud to be part of the Academy community.

General appearance

Jewellery: One pair of small plain sleepers or studs may be worn if ears are pierced. No stones are allowed. No other piercing is allowed. All jewellery must be removed for PE activities.

Make-up: Make-up should be minimal. No nail extensions are to be worn.


Hair/headwear: Hairstyles should be appropriate for the Academy and be of natural colour. No scarves/gloves/hats to be worn when inside the Academy buildings. No caps are acceptable. No decorative attachments are to be worn in the hair. Slides and clips should be minimal and not fashion items. Headwear required by a religion can be worn. Hijabs should be shoulder length and either black, white, or blue. Head scarves should not contain sharp pins.


VA will not accept liability for any claim arising from theft, accidental loss or damage to personal effects, belongings, or clothing whilst at the Academy. Electronic devices including mobile phones, Smart phones, music devices, computer games etc. are not permitted at school. If agreed with a member of staff, devices may be allowed to be used on transport but must be stored away safely whilst in school.

UNIFORM: VA Primary & Early Years

Students from Reception – Year 6 will be expected to wear:

UNIFORM: VA Secondary

Students from Years 7 – 11 will be expected to wear:

Polo shirt: White polo shirt

Grey trousers: Classic style. No jeans,

Skirt: Grey. Knee length.

Dress: Grey or black

Tights: Black or grey.

Shorts: Grey tailored shorts. Knee length.

Black, plain, low heeled shoes or trainers:

Black jumper: Jumper with or without VA logo.

Black cardigan: Optional. No hoodies

Outside Coat:

Appropriate carry bag: Suitable for books/equipment.

White, plain shirt: Must have a collar, to support the formal wearing of a tie. **

Black Academy blazer: Regulation blazer with

logo. **

Academy tie: Regulation tie. **

Grey trousers: Classic style. No jeans. ***

Grey skirt: Knee length

Dress: Grey or black

Tights: Black or grey.

Black, plain, low heeled shoes or trainers:

Grey or black jumper: Optional. No hoodies

Outside Coat:

Appropriate carry bag: Suitable for books/equipment.

** This is not expected of children with sensory issues or those in a Life Skills class. These children should wear white polo / t-shirts and black or grey jumpers.

*** Some children may not be able to wear trousers. In these cases, they should wear black or grey jogging bottoms.

Sports Wear:

White t-shirt

Black shorts or tracksuit bottoms (Optional skirt or leggings)

Black jumper if cold or outside sport

Daps or trainers

Appropriate carry bag

UNIFORM: VA Post-16 provision

Students in years 12 & 13 will be expected to wear:

Clothes of their own choice if they are appropriate to wear in school and for the lessons that they will be participating in.

 Hardship Fund

We can offer support with the purchasing of school uniform if required. This is on a means tested basis through our hardship fund. Please contact your school site for further details.