Welcome from the Executive Head - Special Schools



Welcome to Venturers’ Academy, part of Venturers Trust. We are proud of our positive, vibrant and purposeful all-age Academy where we are committed to ensuring that all our young people are successful, happy and prepared for their lives beyond school.

Venturers’ Academy is a stimulating, caring and orderly environment in which to learn and grow, where each individual has respect for themselves and for others. We expect the highest standards and work with our young people at Venturers’ Academy where everything’s possible.

High Expectations

We are dedicated to serving our young people. Every student is important to us. We will develop the ambition, confidence and potential of each of our students. We have the highest expectations and are committed to seeing that each one of our young people achieves their full potential, ready to take an active and responsible part in society.

Opportunities to develop and grow

Our unique position as an Academy sponsored by the Society of Merchant Venturers and the University of Bristol brings with it exceptional advantages for our students. As the first state funded school for students on the autistic spectrum in Bristol, we are exceptionally proud of what we are able to bring to our students and their families and the experiences afforded as being part of a co-located all-age mainstream academy.

Support and Intervention

We closely track the progress of students to ensure they achieve more than they ever thought possible and guarantee that there is effective and prompt support and intervention when needed. The time has never been more critical or crucial to establish a culture of innovation that is school-based, classroom-focussed and child-centred. Our staff, as an integral part of their teaching repertoire adopt a critical lens that enables them to explore, investigate, discover, with and for the students, what pedagogy, which curriculum, what experiences will help that students to become an active, engaged participants in learning.

This is the mindset that powers outstanding schools, teachers and students. We are all learners.

The best staff, governors and learning environment

We have fantastic staff and very high levels of resources. The staff and governors are highly qualified, experienced and committed to the development and progress of our students. Teaching and learning is of the highest standard and the buildings, facilities and resourcing are exceptional.  

This website can only give you a glimpse of what Venturers’ Academy has to offer. We welcome visits and would be delighted to show you the Academy at work.

I look forward to meeting you.

Trystan Williams

Deputy Chief Executive Officer


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