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We recognise that ASC students often become disoriented in new and altered environments. At Venturers’ Academy (VA), therefore, we teach geography to enable all students to experience, explore and investigate the world with curiosity and confidence. A practical and progressive model is in place which trains students to begin with their own space, extending then to immediate surroundings, their class, their family, their Academy, their local community and thence to the wider world. VA seeks to guide each student, step-by-step, in extending awareness of their own experience outward to become aware of the world beyond it.


Early Years Foundation Stage

In the Nursery and Reception classes at VA, students are immersed in a wide variety of books, stories and songs from around the world. They are given opportunities to experience different cultures through play and directed learning. They are assessed on the early learning outcomes specifically in their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Year 1 and 2

In Year 1 and 2, students study geography through the Edison Learning Curriculum, which is topic based. There are also wow days when Geography is taught as a special event. This also includes opportunities to immerse in different cultures. Students are also taken on trips to different locations in order to widen experiences.

Yr 1

Hello, I am new here;  Bonjour, je suis nouveau ici

(Geography and Science)

School building and grounds, Key human and physical features of its environment. Comparison with Morocco, Marrakesh - features and climate

What can we learn about our world from stories?(including Wales, Scotland and Ireland)

Geography -Find and locate the countries and capitals on world map, globe and Google Earth


Where will we go for a great day out?

Our Great Exhibition

(History, Geography)

Education, railway journeys, The Great Exhibition

Sig Individualss:

Geography: Routes and London





Pride in Place

What do we like about our place? What makes us proud of our place?

(History and Geography)


Buildings, shops, homes, streets and spaces

The Great Fire of London Sept 2 1666



What makes us like other animals?

 (Science & Geography)

Y2 Science

Geography - Location of creatures in hot and cold areas, mountains, deserts, oceans, jungles, forests, lakes



How did families have fun in the past?

The Seaside

(Geography and History)

Robert Stephenson railway networks and The Rocket

George Hudson the Railway King 1800-1871

Local railway line builders – Morton Peto and Lowestoft; George Tomline and Felixstowe

Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood and Fleetwood

Developing the Global Dimension in your Curriculum

Why are the Ancient Greeks so significant for us?

Where did it happen? When did it happen? History and Geography in the news – ongoing LU Y1/2

Years 3 to 6

In Years 3 to 6, students are taught geography through the Edison Learning Curriculum, which is topic based. There are also ‘Wow’ days when geography is taught as a special event. This also includes opportunities to immerse in different cultures. Students are also taken on trips to different locations in order to widen students’ experiences.

Year 3

Let’s go on an adventure. Would we like to visit Guatemala?

(Geography, History and D&T)

Guatemala City and the Lowlands region

Mayan civilisation AD900 and What was happening here at this time? Alfred the Great, Athelstan


Year 4

Why do we speak English at school? Where did English come from?

(History, Geography and Drama)

Overview of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings arrival and settlement of the British Isles.

Depth study of a local example of one of them.

Stories selected from Boudica, Sutton Hoo, Augustine, Alfred the Great, Bede

Should we stop eating chocolate?



Origins of Chocolate – Mayan and Aztec societies and the spread to Europe

Biography in a bag – Cadbury and Fry




Year 5

Why would someone build a castle in England? Why don’t we build them now?


A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066 that is significant in the locality.

Sig individual: William of Normandy and 1066+, Edward 1st 1272-1307


Year 6

Has there ever been a better time to live here?

A study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality (this can go beyond 1066)

Possible aspects: political, military, economic, social

(6.3 We are market researchers)

Why do some creatures no longer exist? (not D&T see Summer 2)

Context David Attenborough’s Big Egg


Y6 Science

Evolution & inheritance

Geography – islands Madagascar & the Gallapagos

Why was Charles Darwin the most dangerous man in England in 1859?

Biography in a bag


The Great UK Geographical Challenge


Regions of the United Kingdom


Years 7, 8 and 9

Students are taught a range of geographical topics and skills in Years 7-9 based on the National curriculum. We take an enquiry approach which helps students to ask questions about the world and engage in their learning. The topics taught are an important foundation for those students who take Geography further to GCSE or A Level.

Topics studied and content covered include:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Amazing places

Weather and climate

Amazing maps

Frozen planet



  • Natural resources and climate change
  • The Middle East
  • Geological timescales and tectonics
  • Development


  • Rivers
  • Urbanisation in contrasting cities