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Spanish culture & dance workshop

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Interactive Spanish Workshop

On Wednesday 18th April, the academy was delighted to welcome three performers from ‘Canela Fina’ to provide Flamenco dance, percussion, drama and culture workshops to the students.

The whole-academy had an exciting demonstration in the hall. Everyone watched some video clips and learnt about the history of Flamenco through time, including some modern versions which are more ballet and contemporary dance orientated.  

Students were also able to learn about the traditional elements of a Flamenco costume, including shawls, hair combs and dancing shoes.  At the end of the demonstration our three visitors performed a traditional Flamenco dance for us, accompanied by the Cajon drum and guitar.

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Cristina – Flamenco Dancer

Jaime – Singer and Percussionist

James – Guitarist


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Dance & Percussion workshops

Albatross, Brunel and Cabot classes then had the opportunity to take part in their own hands-on music and dance workshop.  The students learnt how to use the palm of their hands to clap various rhythms and about the Cajon drum, (did you know it has a big hole in the back of it and is played on the side, not on the top?) All the students were able to have a go at playing the Cajon drum and joining in the singing to accompany the drumming.  

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During the workshop the students also learnt some Flamenco dancing, imagining their arms were picking apples from a tree, with a soft fluid movement.  The singer Jaime also taught the students some Spanish song words, and Cristina showed everyone how to stamp a good rhythm with their feet!  The students then had the opportunity to dress up in traditional Flamenco clothes, and finally put everything together to perform a Flamenco show with their class.

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This workshop was something new for the students at Venturers’, and I was really proud that our students were willing to have a go and get involved.  All the students introduced themselves in Spanish to the native speakers, as well as saying thank you ‘gracias’ and even telling them how they were feeling in Spanish! The performers were very impressed, and we are hoping that they will be able to come back and visit us again at VA one day!

Mrs Morriss

Head of MFL

“Muchas gracias for the Flamenco workshop.  I wish we could do it again sometime next year”  -  Dylan

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“I really enjoyed the clapping and singing part”  -  Saniya

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“Thank you for teaching us Flamenco dancing.  We enjoyed using percussion instruments and listening to the Spanish guitar that James had”  -  Rufus

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“I loved the demo and the workshop, but I felt really embarrassed wearing the dress!  Adios!”  -  Leon

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