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The Hour of Code

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On Wednesday 6th December over 35 students took part in the worldwide Hour of Code event.  This year the event was built around Minecraft. Venturers’ Academy was one of over 139,000 venues hosting events across the world.


All students did incredibly well and managed to progress through the Minecraft puzzles. Students had to learn how to code their character to chop down trees, sheers sheep and build their houses. They had to plant crops to grow food for themselves before setting off underground. In the mines they had to put down torches to provide light and then mine some coal. Going deeper presented a problem - lava! Students learnt how to use ‘if’ statements to work out if there was lava ahead, and if there was cover it up with cobblestone.  

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There was fantastic perseverance off all the students and it was great to see some peer programming happening. Congratulations to all who took part, and I know this is only the start of coding and computer science at Venturers’ Academy.

Mr Martin

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